Sunday, December 9, 2007

Art Computer Monitor

I'm really excited as I have just sold my first Art Monitor! This one has been turned in to a cat bed. And already another one has been ordered for a dog.

The beds cam about from my fascination of old TV's and monitors. I love the ones with dials and buttons. So I have acquired a few from freecycle, and decided to gut one & see if my cat would like it. Sure enough, that's where he's hanging out now. So i figured I'd play with a couple more, and see if anyone else's pets would like it.

I was hoping to make a bit of an environmental impact, as all these tv's are going in to land fills with people buying flat screens that take up so much less space. But the TV's and monitors have a lot of lead in them, and lot's of things that aught to be recyclable.. So i gutted them.. and then took them to a place here where they recycle... But it turns out they still don't recycle the tube part (which I guess are called CRT's).

So right now I'm back to looking for places to bring the CRT's. I don't mind helping to pay to recycle them.. but then I really want to know that they are being recycled. (Click here to learn more about CRT's and their impact on the environment)

Anyways... here's the first cat bed.. We'll see what I come up with next. :-)

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