Monday, April 21, 2008

National No TV Week Challenge

Did you know that this week is national try and get your butt of the couch, and play week? (April 21 - April 27, 2008) Not so well advertised hu? So do you think you can do it? Turn off the TV for a WHOLE week? (yup, that's 7 days)

Well, consider this an official "I Dare you to!"

  • Not Turn on your TV for 7 days.
  • Not play your Wii, playstation, whatever, that plugs in to your TV.
  • Watching Southpark, etc... on your computer counts as watching TV.
  • Watching your DVD movies on your computer counts as watching TV.
  • Watching Movies, TV shows etc... on your ipod counts as watching TV.
    (getting the idea?)
If you're up for the challenge, post a comment... tell me what you've come up with as an alternative to TV's this week, tell me what you've noticed outside, send me photo's of what you've done with your time instead, links to your blog updates, complaints about how hard it was, whatever. At the end of the week, I'll send one randomly chosen person a deck of cards:

by Lynn Gordon, of 52 alternatives to TV.

Good luck & have fun!


walter said...

I'll try to do it, it will be hard!

Carlos the un-here said...

Can I watch my TV get recycled?

AlpineButterfly said...

Sure, what do you think it should be in it's next life??