Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some days require cookies

Friday is usually my day to play... i've been struggling a little bit to keep it mine (Some how my day keeps taking back seat to many other wants & needs, sometimes not even my own). I was attempting a reclaim, and working on one of my TV's when sure enough, my lover calls... and mentions that the little one's teacher has called. Uhhh ohhh.... And boy was it trouble.

Now, i have to preface this with the fact that i'm fairly new to the world of parenting. I didn't make any of them, I got the pre-packaged variety... And man do I love them. We are all part of an add water and stir family. So this weekend, starting Friday, i had to become the wicked witch. i've had to do this on occasion before... but this time it got to last ALL weekend. I think my skin has actually turned a new shade of green, and there's a bump on the end of my noes. I do so hope it washes off!!

It was hard, i wanted to cave...

This morning we finally saw the light, creative essay consequences are done (the little one can thank MY parents for that). I'm exhausted, my lover is too. Will they ever know it REALLY is harder on us than it is on them?

I needed cookies.

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Judith HeartSong said...

have a fabulous Friday! I already am....... I told you about a link to a cool sight.... and here it is:)

Geez, I just re-read that and I sound like some kind of spammer!

See you next week, hopefully we both will have creative stories to tell.