Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tour de France

Yesterday we went and watched the Tour de France fly by... Yes we are now in France. It's quite an experience watching the tour. You have to pack a picnic, find a spot to enjoy, find some shade!!! Bake in the sun & heat all afternoon, waiting for the parade to start. Usually there is a car parade of advertisers before the tour arrives. They have silly dressed up cars, and throw candy, hats, small toys, sausages (yup you read that right). After the parade... you get to see about 30 seconds of fast bike riders. Then you have to find some way home :-)

It's good fun, a day out. You get to chat it up with other spectators, everyone has their own speculations. Cheer on your favorite team.. see the yellow jersey. And the polka dots... (personal favorite, it's for the best rider in the mountains).. I think only the french could make red polka dots an honor to wear.

We didn't get to see the parrade yesterday, much to the kiddo's disapointment... The crowds as well. As this is the part you only get to enjoy on the road, & can't see on TV. It apparently had a hang up, and as a result had to detour around us :-( Hopefully next time.

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Judith HeartSong said...

holy cow are you ever coming home??????

Tee hee.... I am back from my trip:)