Sunday, August 17, 2008

Amazing People

I interrupt my vacation pictures (which were getting a little boring to me anyways... but I will provide a link soon) to congratulate my friend Andrew Gifford!!

I opened up the post today, and here there was my friend Andrew. Page 17, The Washington Post Magazine (link here). A very cool, and kind soul... even if he did like the chick who left lipstick on his coke cans in Drama class, better than me. ;-)

I haven't heard of, or from him since high school. But I am totally psyched to see he is doing well and has started his own press, in spite of some phenomenal odds, including trigeminel neuralgia. (holy shit!!)

If you write, or would like to read something a little less main stream, you need to check out the Santa Fe Writers Project ( according to the website: "Santa Fe Writers Project is an independent press dedicated to the craft of writing. We stand by our authors and we stand by our books, embracing new trends and ideas beyond those of the current publishing industry."

Wow! I'm so amazed! and very much happy for him. Way to follow your dreams.

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