Friday, October 10, 2008

Patio Chairs

Chair Before:
I got this chair from a local freecycler, along with 3 other and a table. The chairs are sort of usable, as long as you don't mind your butt falling through the holes (for some reason this seems to really bother my boyfriend.. can't imagine why). But they also have a lot of rust, and didn't generally look all that nice. So I decided to take them on. I have been wanting to learn a bit about rust and painting metal, as I have an old car, with a still decent engine, that I dream about painting.. figured I'd start with the chairs.

Chair After:
We ordered the fabric part on line (apparently called a sling), cause I didn't figure my sewing machine could handle this type of fabric. I did spend hours, disassembling, wire brushing rust off, treating rust, priming, painting.... sigh. I like it. I have added a little gold spray paint, for a subtle sparkle, but it's not showing up so well in the photo. And getting the sling back in & stretched took 2 strong headed adults, an evening, some cussing, some paint scratching, and a BA in engineering, to get it on.

One down... 3 to go (and a table).

Feeling good, reusing, personalizing... happy to give it a new life.

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