Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

The little one, built a shoe box to take to school yesterday, so he and all of his classmates could exchange valentines and treats. The shoe box HAD to be painted red & gold (for you Harry Potter connoisseurs, the house colors of Gryffindor), and have a slit in the top to accept envelopes. The lid was also important, so that he could also take it off, and get at all the envelopes. The following TV is my adaptation of this age old school tradition.

The TV was gutted, and the insides recycled. Then I made a fused glass panel for the front, and sandblasted the back, so the light would appear soft, and the glass translucent rather than transparent. Artist friends of mine were instrumental in teaching me about the glass, and in making this. (Their own work is extremely impressive: Eileen Martin, and Kathie Lynch)

I added a CFL light in the back of the TV, and a switch outside. (roll over the above image to see it turn on & off)

I then collaged and painted the piece, incorporating old letters & their stamps. This flying woman is in charge of delivering "AirMail". The roses are made of soda cans.

This painting style was a little different for me, but I really enjoyed getting to play, and think about what all those notes and letters ment to me.

The old VCR slot, is of course where the notes go it. The little one, has decided that when the small buttons below get pushed certain things should happen. The lips, you get a kiss, the hand, you get a hug... the arrow, you get to be the ring burrier (that's what he called it once... it stuck), at our up coming wedding.

And of course there is a way to get at your love letters ;-)

Happy Valentine's day all!! I hope you're feeling a little love where every you are. I know we seem to make valentine's all about "romantic" love, but it has always seemed to be really limiting to me. Especially when I had no "romantic" love around, but could appreciate the love of friends and family, or just accepting and appreciating myself. So to all of you out there without someone to dote on you, I highly recommend you give yourself a little love & appreciation today... go play!

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