Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Sneakrets' are OUT!!!

I think I've been lost in these all week! My sneaky Sneakrets, little pillows, that I have been machine embroidering/collaging. They're a ton of fun to make, as I am hardly sure what exactly will come out each time. Only, they are also an amazing amount of work... but worth it, they turned out to be great cute pillows. And even before I could think to put them on Etsy, they have been snatched up, on commission in a couple of my favorite places. The Muse, in downtown Frederick, totally my favorite store !! And I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction at the VisArts center in Rockville.

That was a bit of a fluke, in that, I got to have a night out alone (sigh, small luxury), and visit a friends studio opening. The opening was wonderful, and good to see a lot of friendly faces, many of whom I had not seen since my lover's accident. Plus it's so nice seeing someone you care about succeed, and enjoy, wow!! Didn't get to chat with her as much as I would have liked, ... but it was so great & wonderful to see her glowing, I just liked enjoying the evening. While I was there, I had agreed to show another friend what I was working on, and brought her a couple of pillows to check out.

The reaction was so positive, and so kind ( I have such a hard time putting myself out there, in the non cycberspace world) it really made me feel good. Especially to have fellow artists, get a kick out of them. They loved the totally hidden, invisible zipper, sneaky pocket, although many loved them without even knowing about the pocket. Then they started brainstorming about all of the goodies you could put inside them. I was sticking to the conservative, notes & rings ... but got a great chuckle out of the hints of "prophylactics" and "vibrators.... you know the little ones". How to have your room look respectable when the in laws showed up, or the little ones come snooping!

What would YOU put in a Sneakret?

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