Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Snap Dragons !!

This spring, i tried my hand at growing things for the first time. I am notorious for NOT having a green thumb. My motivation was multifaceted, i was hoping i could use some as centerpieces for my wedding (didn't quite work out) ; i was looking to learn how to plant & grow things thinking i'd start with plants, and then perhaps move on to vegetables; and finally i though this might be a fun learning experience for both me and the little one to share.

And so today i present to you.... (drum roll please)... snap dragons!

I had a little help along the way, i have to admit. I picked up a great book called "You Grow Girl" by Gayla Trail, which not only helped me figure out what to do... but was also really motivational in having the guts TO do it. I believe she has a blog at:

The fringe benefits have been surprising. First of all i get really excited walking out the door seeing the snap dragons, and even MORE excited when I get to walk over , pinch them and make them talk. I still can't believe it worked! Only a few months ago they were little seeds, and itsy sprouts.

Now i have to admit.. i killed at least 1/2 the crop on a whole... ok, ok 3/4. Some didn't get enough light... some didn't get enough water... some perhaps were lacking in the love. I also can't quite imagine what my porch would look like if i was able to keep them all alive. Along with the snap dragons, i have a bit of lavender, some butterfly weed (but they won't give me flowers for a bit) , and unfortunately i seem to have killed all the straw flower off :-(

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