Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Wishes

I have long given up the tradition of making New Years resolutions, they always seem to fail me, and then there's guilt! Ughhh the guilt! Who needs it?

Instead I make wishes... about 10, give or take. Wishes, may or may not happen, if they don't well... wishes don't always come true, cause the powers that be seem to have at least an equal hand in the process. I mean eating those cookies, and crashing my diet, was CLEARLY an act of god!

Wishes help me focus though... on what I want in my life, what's important... AND sometimes I can have a hand in making them come true, a little effort to get it going in the right direction (with out the guilt). I usually make a point of taking each wish to a different fountain, and dropping a penny in, just for a little added luck.

This year the wishes in include:
1) Happy husband and kiddo
2) Finding ways for me to relax and play
3) Our Health
5) Art Studio
6) Learn to Weld
7) Happiness for my Brother
8) Create my own company
9) Have an Awesome summer art program
10) Be totally Strong & Sexy, like Laura Croft (remember, these are wishes)

Happy 2010!!

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