Monday, April 12, 2010

Vegetable Stamps

I'm gearing up for summer camp season. Totally excited, because I've created a new program, and will be getting to do art outside all summer long. Combining my two favorite things, art and the outdoors, how much better can it get?

My challenge is that I would like to introduce the campers not only to the magic of art, and the outdoors, but I would like to teach them about sustainable art. I have a great book in hand... Green Guide For Artists (by Karen Michel) and tons of ideas. Pictured above, we've been experimenting with vegetable stamps. Roses can be made quite easily from celery stalks or the part you cut off a head of lettuce. Potato stamps will definitely be part of the line up, and I know apples make a pretty cool imprint. I can't wait, we'll be raiding the garden.

In case you, or have a little one who's interested the program is called Art Inside Out... it's part of Calleva's very cool summer line up, you can find them here:

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