Monday, May 10, 2010

Calleva Open House

I had an absolute blast this past Saturday at Calleva's open house. It was a beautiful day to be on the Calleva Farm, and a fun debut of our Art Inside Out Program. Kids and parents from all over the area were in attendance, coming to explore, ride horses, climb rock walls, and over in our corner of the barn we got to make mail art. Contructed from household packaging (cereal, granola, whatever boxes) we painted, stamped and collaged postcards. Stamps were made from celery hearts, carrots, potatoes, and even bubble wrap. Many ventured and tried the unexpected, using dandelions as paintbrushes. The post cards will be well on there journey tomorrow but, I thought I'd take to opportunity to share today. The kiddo's were wonderful, and I can't wait to see a few at camp again this summer.. I have to admit it was fun watching an adult or 2 jump in, and play as well.
Check out all the post cards at:

Dandelion technique idea from: Crafting in a green world (written by Julie Finn)


Carlos/Booooeing said...

Dear AlpineButterfly... As I have been forced to fall off my chair by the revelation of your latest class in TN you may or may not be taking (ask your husband), I will have to say that if you become interested in another obsession of mine that I will be forced to get a DNA sample and get tested to see if we were twins separated at birth. Sorry.

On another note: are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?

- Carlos

Dimitra Hengen said...

Lovely blogsite indeed. I love some of your paintings and drawings.