Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Crazy Scale won!!

Mid December i posted this instructable, about how to modify your bathroom scale. I was a little tired of feeling fat every time I stepped on the scale. So i decided to modify it, so it didn't have numbers on it any more, and maybe make it a little less judgmental. So i painted a fun scene, and i made it much more colorful. Apparently, the judges for the Humana Health Challenge agreed it wasn't a bad idea, and they picked it as one of the first prize winners!! Sweet.

What has been equally cool, and perhaps even more touching, have been some of the comments other people have made. Who knew a bit of paint, and the sharing of an idea could have an impact? Many of the other entries were phenomenally inspiring as well. How to Help (when you can't change a thing), had me crying, but was a great idea, and How to Meditate is my next read. People also came up with great prototype ideas, and some of the discussions, and peoples willingness to try and share and make together was really cool. So if you need some warm fuzzies, and a reminder that the world isn't all bad today, I would highly recommend checking out the posts through out the challenge. (View all Entries)

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