Monday, May 5, 2008

Magic People

You ever notice how sometimes life is just a little magic? That one thing you wanted, or needed simply happened or was. The person you were thinking about calls you out of the blue.... I simple refer to it as Magic. I guess it seems like the easiest, simplest & perhaps there for the most likely explanation to me.

What I really get excited about though, is when I meet Magic people. You know them.. those magic people, the ones who get you thinking about things in a new way, or reminding you what's most important to you. The people who have glowing souls in spite of hard times.. or perhaps because they've over come them. I have a few wonderfully magic people in my life. They make me feel blessed.

I think Judith HeartSong knows what I'm talking about... she seems to have magic friends too Judith HeartSong: MUD.

Thank you for the reminder Judith :-)

1 comment:

Judith HeartSong said...

Yes, I do have magical people in my life. I would venture to say that MOST of the people in my life now are magical.