Saturday, May 10, 2008

Climate Ride 2008

Ok, I've signed up... now I'm scared. Late September I'm now due to ride my bike from Manhattan to Washington DC, as a fund raiser for the Climate Ride 2008. It's an effort to raise awareness, and motivate change about the climate and this blue green earth we live on. I'm a little LOT out of shape compared to my younger years. But I think the more daunting task is raising the $2250. Ughhhh what was I thinking again??

So, I had this brilliant idea... And those always scare the heck out of me.

I was thinking it would be wonderful to do a silent auction, featuring "green" artists. Artists who recycle & reuse in their art, Artists who are inspired by the natural world around us, Artists who craft & create items that we can use & reuse in our everyday lives instead of using disposable goods. Artists who inspire us to think green.

Only, now... to tell you the truth, I have little idea how to go about pulling something like this off. I have a place to book a room, but would artists be willing to donate (it's slow money in the art world right now)? How I could handle credit card sales? Could I put it on E-bay.. or Etsy?

I like the idea, because I think it could bring attention to a cause, as well as providing some solutions, and inspirations. Artists have these wonderful voices that come through their art.

Ideas anyone? I'm here... I'm scared, ... but I'm willing to give it a lot of energy & my best shot.

p.s. If you want to donate, and make that number a bit smaller.... my page is at:

I think I'm supposed to put that in.

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