Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brainus Interuptus

Ever have those days when your brain seems to be flying in all different ways at all different speeds, and you want a rope to wrangle it all together so the world can stop spinning?

Mmmm, yeah, I think I'm dizzy. I've been trying to work on my "heart" TV... It's becoming a lamp, but It was hard finding 10 calm minutes in a row. Many other cool things happened today though, and so I will accept my defeat for today, and appreciate what has been given to me.

An artist from Etsy, contacted me, because she was inspired by my "kitty TV", and as a result built her own, featuring Van Gogh's Stary night... (I'll put up a picture & a link soon).

The whole family has been receiving very kind donations so we can ride together next month, to support the American Diabetes Association.

A headhunter called... (always nice to be wanted).

I got to enjoy a cup of tea and a morning chat with a good friend.

... I suppose the TV will come when It's good & ready.

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