Saturday, July 12, 2008

Flying Flowers

In case you hadn't noticed I have a profound love for butterflies. So when my mother suggested a trip to a butterfly garden I was more than gun ho. Camera in hand, I went hoping to catch an image or two. But this garden surprised me. Located in the Netherlands, is a small tropical paradise with exotic butterflies and flowers. I was amazed... oh no, not one of my images does it justice. The flowers were absolutely breathtaking... but even more amazing, was that some of them would just get up & fly. When the clouds broke and the sun shone, and all of a sudden in this small sanctuary, all kinds of flowers would take flight. Flowers attached to stems, flowers hanging from vines overhead, and now flowers fluttering past in the air. 50 of them, a 100 of them, butterflies everywhere. There wings beating to their own rythm, silenly. You could folow one for a moment.. but only a moment, becuase the next one would flutter past catching your eye, new paterns, new designs.

It made me think of the paintings my friend Judith Heartsong makes, of flowers... i was imaging what it would look like if they all suddenly took flight in her studio. Something like this place I think.

It was a wonderful sactuary. I think I will keep this place in my mind. I cannot build another for myself, but I'm sure I will visit this one many times in my mind, when I need to visit a quiet chearful place.

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Judith HeartSong said...

it must have been wonderful!