Friday, July 11, 2008

Note to Self

Today's life lesson is sponsored by: how to not take on a freelance job before you go on vacation!! I have finally finished a flash piece for a client. A piece that was only supposed to take a couple of weeks (my estimate)... and have all of the information up front (clients promise). Ha Ha . Three weeks in to my vacation I have finally sent it off. ughhh. Does that mean I can now write part of my trip off for the tax man? tee hee.

Lesson's learned:

  • Portable work drives my mother up the wall.
  • Projects always take longer than you can think them.
  • In order for my links to continue to work in an AS3 scollPane component, I need to cash the incoming xml text as bitmap:

    content_textfield.cacheAsBitmap = true;

  • NEVER take on work right before your vacation... No matter how desperate the client sounds.
  • My ego can occasionally lead me astray.
  • It's more important to me to hang out with my family & enjoy them, than my clients are.

Lessons I will probably have to continue to learn & relearn the rest of my life:
  • projects always take longer than you can think them !
  • My ego can occasionally lead me astray.

Anyone else have words to live by?

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Judith HeartSong said...

Always look for the silver lining.


Make lemonade out of all the lemons.