Sunday, August 10, 2008


Home again.
Greeted by my favorite flowers at the house.

Although we have been home for about a week now, posts have not been forth coming for a number or reasons. Most of which is a combination of traveling, jet lag, and a bit of shell shock. Seems much has been happening while we were gone. It's funny how when I travel, I just imaging the rest of the world stops turning, wherever I'm not. With in 48 hours of landing, news has come in about a teenager being pregnant, and the boys mom moving out of town. Many questions linger in the air, many hopes... many fears. It's amazing how life twists and turns.

In the mean time, starting tomorrow, for the next little bit I plan to regale you with tales of foreign adventure. I have missed showing off some highlights and fun times on account of energy and internet connections. There may even be a surprise or two lingering in there.

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