Monday, August 11, 2008

House of Dreams

House Boats in Amsterdam. Sigh. In one of my other lives I imagine myself studying art and living here (Although, I might have to sail it to Paris). I think this may be an extended fantasy of my mothers... but I don't think she'll mind to much if I borrow it for a bit as well. Waking up to the gently swaying of the boat. Cat looking out the window. Having a cup of tea in the morning, getting on my bike, canvas under one arm, and riding to school. Working, and studying art. And then returning to my boat in the evening. Some soup and salad for dinner... a nice cheap glass of wine (gotta be in france here). Watching as all the people walked by on the road, lovers, families, friends. And then when it was time to move on... sailing on to the next port. Seeing new sites and sounds.

Not particularly practical I'm sure :-) but then I don't suppose fantasies should be.

It sort of mirrors the one I have about havening a little "blue house". Only that one has visitors coming over to discuss, and make art. As well as children. Children who come after school, to paint and play... and make a mess. All the while I create Van Gogh sunflowers, a la my style instead (which I think includes a bit of dr seuss).

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