Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some days the world just changes

On October 14, coming home from work, my fiance.... crossed the double yellow line on his motorcycle, and hit an on coming minivan. He is OK... (so is the minivan driver, thank god)

I'm not sure how he's ok, maybe the sidecar, maybe his gear, mostly dumb luck I'm sure ...

He called me, after it happened, so at least I knew he was alive, or I assumed he was when I arrived on the scene. The local firefighters (our next door neighbors), were kind enough to bring me to the scene, and warn me that he was going to be helicoptered out. But I got to see him, and talk to him, and tell him I loved him.

He is now home.... he remains relatively unscathed. Has a broken leg, that required surgery that night, and a new permanent metal rod in his leg. Right now he cannot walk, and is in quite a bit of pain... He's lucky... I'm lucky... the little one is lucky.

I'm exhausted,
feeling lucky,
sometimes feeling scared,
feeling thankful,
absolutely amazed,
still dazed,
sometimes angry,
and still in love.

I need to send out a Thank you, to lot's and lot's of people, ambulance crews, firefighters, parents, neighbors, friend and family... We've gotten a lot of support, and it means the world.

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