Saturday, October 25, 2008

The things we do :-)

So our little Harry Potter fan, informed us he would like to be a dementor for Halloween. And after much persuasion (read: convincing, bribing, explaining), I convinced him to let me make it instead of getting the really cheesy one from the costume store. Huge leap of faith on his part.

This was of course BEFORE the accident.

So the night before last, it was brought to my attention, that at the local school fall festival... the kids wear their costumes. The Fall festival was yesterday... 6pm. I think some part of my brain new this, but with all else going on it blocked it out.

I almost fell over...

So yesterday morning, got up... fed, & watered the invalid (my wonderful, in much pain, can't move around much, thankfully still alive fiance). And got the little one off to school.

8:30 am: Cut pattern (realized I needed more fabric for arm"wings").

9:00 am: Sewed some of pattern.

9:30 am: Shower

9:40 am: get invalid's things together.

9:45 am: write note to school about friend coming home on bus.

9:50 am: Drove invalid to Dr appointment (45 min there.... appointment... 45 min back). Dropping off note at school along the way.

12:20 pm: Make & serve lunch.

12:40 pm: Go to fabric store to get more fabric.

1:00 pm: realize fabric is no longer in stock!!! start to improvise/ PANIC.

1:20 pm: still waiting in fabric store to have fabric cut.

1:30 pm: still waiting in fabric store to have fabric cut.

1:40 pm: : still waiting in fabric store to have fabric cut. Arghhhh.

2:00 pm: leave fabric store. (way to much purchased.. panic shopping).

2:15 pm: next store to find black sweats.

2:20 pm: non found!!! start to improvise/ PANIC.

2:25 pm: explaining to clerk why she has to ring up the shirt even though it has no tag...

2:30 pm: lose.. run back to find similar shirt with tag.

2:40 pm: drive home.

3:oo pm: Sew like mad woman!!!

3:59 pm: 3/4 of the way done.

4:00 pm: little one getting off bus. coming in feeling sick. Doesn't think he wants to wear the costume tonight... maybe Halloween.
(Loosing hair fast).

5:00 pm: done!!!! Holly cow.

5:15 pm: feed invalid, walk neighbors dog, get neighbors kiddo into costume, get little one in to costume... walk to school.

6:00 pm: Fall Festival, me and 2 of the scariest 8 year olds ever! (or that's their take on it).

For the record... it was worth it! The little one couldn't stand still for pictures he was so busy swishing his arms around, and he continues to inform me how scary he is.

The invalid has been informed he may not have any more accidents/broken anythings around Halloween.

I'm still exhausted :-)

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Judith HeartSong said...

I am thinking of you all and sending a warm warm hug.