Friday, November 7, 2008

Luggage transform

I found this great piece of luggage at a yard sale. 3 dollars for it, and it's 2 matching suitcases!! They are all in pristine condition, have all of their keys, and even still smell like grandma's & grandpa's. I'm always impressed when I see people taking care of things so well.

Only I don't have much use for a make-up case myself. So I decided it needed a new life. I also have this silly phone I'm supposed to keep with me ( I hate it)... but I've been informed it does me no good if it's not charged. Sigh.... picky picky.

So I decided to create a charging station for my PDA, my phone, and my little card reader gadget.

I cut out a bamboo cutting board to fit inside. I then drilled a hole in the back (yeah this made me a little sad) and then put a power cord inside as well as a USB hub. This will allow me to charge the things that need to be charged, and also to have them communicate with my computer when necessary.

The cords all get neatly tucked away on the bottom, along with a few extra accessories. I can easily plug in and charge all, or just one of the devices. I can also easily unplug all of them, to help combat the vampire electricity drainage :-)

This looks way cooler in my art room, than all those cables !!!

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