Friday, November 14, 2008

Sewing Nook

Last weekend an auction came to town. This is only my second experience at an auction... but wow are they cool! I kinda got lucky because it was held down at the end of my street, and it was a perfect excuse to spend some time outside, with friends and neighbors.

So I fell in love with a small antique mission desk. It even has a drawer with an ink well, and a writing surface. Sigh, but I couldn't really justify buying it, with out having a use for it. 5 min before the bidding began, I realized it would probably fit perfect in my little closet in the art room upstairs. Sigh... I now had an idea, and a reason!

I won the desk, at $50 (decent deal I think), and the sewing nook was born.

The desk fits perfect!!
I added a peg board, for all the sewing goodies. A really gaudy lamp (you can't see in the photo), won for a $1, so I can see. I put up my crazy heavy thread organizer, and I added a rod for ribbons.

In addition, I used the left overs from my bamboo cutting board, that I cut apart in my last project to create a small shelf, and with the help of a few nails, a bobbin holder (those things always go missing on me).

Finally, I decided to add a pin cushion to the board to try and keep it out of cat reach. I used a couple of eye screws, and picture hanging wire on this old pin cushion, so now I can hang it up.

It's a little tiny space, but it works perfect... got some sewing to do now :-)

As an added bonus, it allows me to close the door on a project for a bit, and even more importantly keep my sneaky cat away from the sewing supplies. He likes to try and steel, and eat pins!! ughhh. And once tried to eat the string right off the sewing machine! Cat safety a definite plus.

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