Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let it begin!

It has finally started... I'm supposed to get in gear, and plan a wedding. There seem to be new things to think about around every corner, exciting and frustrating. I'd like to do a lot of the little details myself, but I get SO many ideas sometimes, it would be 10 years before I could get married, if I tried to implement them all. Apparently, I don't have 10 years before May.

First thing off my plate is my hair. I have to admit, I'm a $15, hair cuttery kind of girl. If it looks funny... it grows back, and it looks different the next time I cut it anyways. I figured, this might not quite be the appropriate approach for a wedding (at least not mine). But I'm looking to keep things within budget, and as Eco-friendly as possible.

Natural Fusion... enters stage right. I found them on the web... by searching for Eco Friendly hair salons in my area (Frederick MD). They were really cool! The salon didn't smell icky... I got some highlights.. my hair didn't smell icky... actually it smelled wonderful. And no one made fun of me!! Ok that might be bad business for any one, but they were very friendly, and laid back... and extremely professional.

They asked ME what I was & was not willing to do for my hair, and listened to me, and we came up with quite a fun style. My stylist was Susan, very cool! And for the wedding Earl, will be doing my hair. It was really so wonderful to be helped, not up sold, or talked down to (on account of lacking that part of the X chromosomes, that understands hair & makeup). I don't think I've ever been so happy walking out of a hair salon. Thanks guys.

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