Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vinyl Possibilities !

I love learning about a new tool, or technology. It always gets my mind spinning with possibilities.

So my good neighbor Vern, has a small business making vinyl signs (Eyler Signs, They look really cool on cars, on wine bottles, and in store fronts... so I'd been thinking, hmmm , wonder how I could decorate my car? Ok, not there yet, but I did stop by the other day with a logo I'm creating for the wedding, wondering if Vern's program could cut out my illustrator files. Sure enough, we put our heads together and it works!! It looks really cool! (Next, I'll secretly sneak it on to my lovers car, ok maybe AT the wedding). Learned that dot's are a little tough, and if my lines were to thin, then it was possible it would break. I'm totally psyched though, and I'm sure we'll see some of this handy work at the wedding.

Sooo what would you do with vinyl?

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