Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Somedays I wish there were more Answers

You know how the world seems like such a strange place sometimes? One day everything seems to be right on track, loving life, liberty and friends... and then some how, for some elusive reason, the world just flip flops, and in spite of your best intentions, you can't seem to do anything right, or get anything right, or even just be in a place that's right? And the only thing running around in your head are questions. How do I help my 8 year old with his temper? How can my lover & I be on the same page? How many books do I have to read to get this right? Are we there yet? When is enough enough? When is it to much? What planet am I on?

So many questions...

Days like that, one is so thankful for friends, friends that will walk around thrift stores, and sip coffee, who will listen and talk, brainstorm, and just be a shoulder to lean on and a person to smile with. Friends do seem to have the answer to life the universe and everything... or at least they can help you hitch a ride to the next planet :-)

thank you Michele.

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