Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wet and more wet

Day two on the trail, started out wet!! We left the cabin, after negotiating with strong willed cotton bearing teenagers, they HAD to put on rain gear, and wear plastic bag skirts! Teachers are so demanding! I think everyone was a little sore, everyone a little tired, everyone dreading the rain. By the top of the steep climb leaving the cabin, the young man sporting some jeans in front of me.. was soaking wet, hiking up his jeans every 2 seconds, as they contined to slide down, rather unfasionably, past his bottom... And here in lays our lesson for today. I have long ago learned to dress for the weather... If I'm worrying about being cold, wet, uncomfortable, I have a hard time focusing on client needs. It has become almost second nature to me, and served me well.. But untill I saw the struggling miserable teenagers, I'd forgoten just how well. Now to be sure, the afore mentioned teenagers had been aprised of how to dress for a trip, what to bring.. But as is the nature of some.. Refused to listen. It made all the diffrence... Singing in the rain, vs "how much longer?"...
Tired, sore, and aching for sure.. I had another wonderful day, dancing through raindrops, warm and smiling.

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