Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wedding Invitations, Woops!!

We all make mistakes, and we hope to have the opportunity to learn, and then correct those mistakes in the future. But this one... well, I'm hopping you all learn from this one!! 'Cause wedding mistakes, you hope to have the opportunity only one time.

I designed our wedding invitations, and spent a lot of time & effort, and had a lot of fun doing so. So busy planning, prepping, looking for eco friendly papers, and envelopes... I missed a couple of basics.

1) Not every person needs an invite... usually every household or so. Dope! would have cut my numbers in about half.

2) Square... means more money at the post office. Apparently, the of width of the envelope divided by the height of the envelope, needs to fall between 1.3 and 2.5.

In my case:
6.5 inches wide / 6.5 inches tall = 1 (this does not fall between 1.3 & 2.5)

A regular # 10 envelope:
9.5 inches wide/ 4 inches tall = 2.3 (this is fine)

There are a couple more rules about maximum and minimum width and height... The Post Office has some info here. I could really use one of those plastic place mat things they have at the post office to measure with!

3) Understand your quote. Ask Questions!! I worked with an awesome printer (Gateway Printing) , the prices were fair, and the help and craftsmanship were awesome. I, however, had a few screws loose... did not read the quote correctly, and did not have to presence of mind to make sure I was making the correct assumptions. In the end it would not have made a difference for me here, but man it would have killed me if I had been doing it as a freelance project. We'll chalk this one up to being new.

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